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Education In Korea
Name : Anna   Date : 2008-06-10

Korean Education System


Most of Korean parents send their kids to kindergarten at around 4~5 years old. Kindergarten has two kinds; one is regular one, the other english kindergarten. Regular kindergarten which most of Korean kids goes has only Korean teacher but English kindergarten school has both Korean teachers and foreign teachers where you are going to teach in. English kindergarten finishes kiny class by around 1pm and then elementary/middle school students come and learn conversation English after their regular public school done.


Elementary school has 6 grads , 8~13 years old. Mostly class finishes by 1pm . But after then the kids run to private English institute or Piano school or Takwondo class.

Middle school has 3 grads, 14~16 years old. Mostly from this time, kids go to private institutes not just to learn English but also math, science. Some kids prepare entrance exam for better high school such as Foreign language high Schools or Special Purposeful High schools. You will often see kids on the street at night walking with wearing schoolbag.

High school has 3 grads, 17~19years old. During the three years teachers and students focuses on university entrance exam.


English Education
English is taught as a required subject from the third year of elementary school up to high school. However in public schools English classes usually focus upon grammar and reading with little emphasis on spoken English.  Therefore many Koreans have very limited speaking ability in English despite of putting so much time on studying English in school. So from couple of years ago public schools started hiring foreign English teacher for their English education programs, which private English institute started 10 years ago.

Korean try to get high score in Toeic or Toefl  for job or study aboard.


Toeic : Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) measures the ability of non-native English-speaking examinees to use  English in everyday work activities

Toefl :Test of English as a Foreign Language . It is required for non-native applicants at many English-speaking colleges and universities such as America , Australia etc..


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