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The cost of Living
Name : Anna   Date : 2008-06-10

The Cost of Living in Korea

Even though Seoul was reported one of the top high living cost cities ,  you don’t have to worry about that. Because generally food and transportation are inexpensive and there are many kinds of large grocery Mart  such as E mart, Lotte mart, Costco, Kims club, Carrefour and Walmart, you can even get food with discounted price.. The cost of daily necessities is also very low, and if teachers don't go out on the town all the time and live moderately, they can easily save 40% - 60% of their salary a month or more. Here is a short list of some common everyday goods and services:


-          1 liter of milk: 2,000 Won

-          1liter of water: 1,350won

-          1 bottle of Soju:1,000won

-          20 piece of bread : 2,500won
- 30 eggs: 3,500 Won
- bus fare: 1,000 won
- subway: 1,000 Won
- taxi basic fare: 2,200 Won
- a movie ticket: 7,000 Won
- a bottled beer in a bar: 5,000 Won

-          500ml draft beer in a bar: 2,500
- beer bottled from a store: 1,900 Won
- dry cleaning a collared shirt: 2000 Won
- basic Korean meal (rice, soup and side dish): 4,000 Won
- Korean meat dinner (for one): 6,000-10,000 Won
- one month utilities in a small apartment: 40,000-70,000 Won


Though schools provide furnished apartments, the utilities are the responsibility of the teacher. Utilities include gas, water, electricity, landline and cell phone, cable and internet. Gas, water and electricity together range from a total of $40-$70 USD per month, depending on usage, the season (in winter the gas bill is higher because of heating) and the size of the apartment. Cell phone bills depend on usage,but the average monthly bill is about 40,000~60000 won. While basic TV cable is inexpensive around $20 USD in most locations, high-speed cable internet varies by company, usually between $35 and $45 USD per month. Installation is free.



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