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Ski Resorts
Name : Anna   Date : 2009-01-31
There are 18 ski resorts in Korea. It usually opens around late Nov.
1) Konjiam resort:  http://www.konjiamresort.co.kr/ 
2) Bearstown : http://www.bearstown.com/       
3) Yangji Pine resort: http://www.pineresort.com/     
4) NamYangju Starhill resort: http://www.starhillresort.com/    
5) Jisan Resort:  http://www.jisanresort.co.kr/ 


6) Daemyung Vivaldi Park resort : http://www.daemyungresort.com/vp/                                    
7) Young Pyong Resort: http://www.yongpyong.co.kr/                                                                  
8)Bogwang Phoenix: http://www.phoenixpark.co.kr/ 
9) Hyung dae Sungwoo Resort: http://www.hdsungwoo.co.kr/ 
10) Hi one resort: http://www.high1.co.kr/ 
11) O2 resort: http://www.o2resort.com/ 
14) Hansol Oakvalley Resort: http://www.oakvalley.co.kr/ 
15) Alps Resort:  http://www.alpsresort.co.kr/
North Jella-Province
16) Muju Resort : http://www.mujuresort.com/ 
North Chungcheong-Province
17) Sajo Resort: http://www.sajoresort.co.kr/ 
South Gyeongsang-Province
18) Eden Valley Resort: http://www.edenvalley.co.kr/ 





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