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Making a call
Name : Anna   Date : 2008-12-07
Domestic Calls

[Domestic Long- distance Calls (Area Codes)]

Metropolitan Cities
Seoul (02), Incheon (032), Gwangju (062), Busan (051), Daegu (053), Daejeon (042), Ulsan (052)

Gyeonggi-do (031), Gangwon-do (033), Chungcheongbuk-do (043), Chungcheongnam-do (041), Jeollabuk-do (063), Jeollanam-do (061), Gyeongsangbuk-do (054), Gyeongsangnam-do (055), Jeju-do (064).

International Calls

[How to call Korea from overseas! ]
When you make a phone call to Korea from abroad, first dial 82 (Country Code for Korea), then Area Code (except for the first number 0) , finally, dial the Phone Number you wish to call.
For example: Calling Seoul (Area Code 02) with 777-7777 as the phone number, dial  +82-2-777-7777 .

[How to call overseas from Korea!]
* First dial any of the following international call company numbers and then the country code, area code and finally the number you are calling.

*Regular International Phone Call Carriers: 001, 002, 008 *Mobile Phone Carriers: 00345, 00365, 00388, 00700, 00727, 00766, 00770 and so on.

*Pre-paid Phone Cards: Generally, since it is almost impossible to find budget mobile phone rentals, pre-paid phone cards are available at any convenience stores or news stands.

Regular International Phone Call Carriers
Carrier`s Number
Charge per minute
288/840/1278 won
714/828/1278 won
696/810/1248 won

Mobile Phone International Carriers
Carrier`s Number
Charge per minute (USA/Jpn/Chn)
252/336/342 won
120/240/240 won
150/252/384 won
156/384/780 won
127/252/324 won
150/324/702 won
186/318/390 won
* Updated on September 2007
* these numbers may be used on a regular phone as well

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