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Name : Anna   Date : 2008-06-10


Most employers will provide furnished housing for teachers, also in most cases you will be taking over the accommodation from the previous teacher that you replace. Therefore all the things that you will need for living are generally already there, since the departing teachers don’t take the things they have bought for their apartment with them when they leave.

Generally when compared to the housing that you are probably used to, Korean housing will not seem that big, as you may have already guessed, and the real estate is very expensive. However for the most part teachers do not necessarily spend a lot of time in their apartments, instead they are either working, or during their free time they are out and about doing something.


A: Studio Type (office-tel) : Usually between 7~10 Pyeong. The housing size varies.

*(1 pyeong = 3.3 sq. meters = 35 sq. feet)

It has an open concept bedroom, kitchen, and living room area and also it will have a Western-style bathroom, (with a shower stall in it), as well as a designated parking space and a security guard on the first floor. There is often also a convenience store and/or restaurants on the main floor. A maintenance and utility fee are required because it is furnished. On average an English teacher pays $100.00 USD/Month for this fee.

B: Studio Type (Jutaek): Usually between 7~12 Pyeong.  

*(1 pyeong = 3.3 sq. meters = 35 sq. feet)


Jutak is a specific type of housing which is generally located within a small building. They come in either studio or 2 bedroom size. Usually, there are no maintenance fees and no security guard, and it is located in residential areas. Originally this type of accommodation is not furnished, however the employer will buy the basic furniture required for basic living, for example, a bed, desk, chair etc before you come to Korea.

If you come alone and live in studio type ( Jutaek), it will be studio type or one bedroom housing.


C: Apartment type: Usually between 15~30Pyeong.

*(1 pyeong = 3.3 sq. meters = 35 sq. feet)


Many Koreans live in Apartments which depending on the size will have between one and three rooms. If you come to teach as a couple you will most likely be given this type of housing. However this depends upon the location, due to the fact that real estate is very expensive in some areas and therefore, you will possibly be provided with type “A “ or “B” housing. The maintenance fee is roughly 150 USD/ per month.


Housing Allowance:

If you wish not to have your housing provided to you by the school, you can instead get a housing allowance from them. Hence some teachers who have lived in Korea for a long time, and who wish for instance to live with a friend, can instead receive this housing allowance and find their own accommodation. The housing allowance will be between 300~400 thousand won (300~400 USD).


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